• Grow from Adversity

    What a year! I’m sure anyone reading this can relate. It was a crazy roller coaster both personally and professionally. It’s probably an unusual opinion – but in hindsight, I’m grateful it happened (no, not the restrictions, people dying and uncertainty) because it made me pause and reflect. It reminded me that we learn and grow from adversity, that challenges make us more innovative and that we should be grateful for what we have instead of dwelling on what we don’t.

    So, like butterflies, we are emerging from our COVID cocoons. We are changed. We’ve learned to do without, we’ve learned to work and go to school online. We’ve swiveled (I like that so much better than pivot!) business models and realized how to (and how not to) conduct meetings and conferences online. Hopefully we won’t forget some of the lessons learned once we emerge back into the in-person world.

    • How to give grace and realize everyone is in a different place on the journey
    • How to be present with the person you are speaking with
    • How to look at adversity as an opportunity, not an obstacle
    • How to cherish time with family and friends
    • How to live for today and plan for tomorrow and not stay stuck in the past

    While I’m thrilled that we’ve turned the corner (and my bank account will be happier too), I will continue to be grateful for lessons learned and for the extra time I had with my family. I’ll also remember that it actually was nice not to be ultra-busy and that working on projects/with people that energize me and fill my soul makes me happiest.

    For us in the US, our lockdowns/craziness began as winter was ending. We’re now reenergized as summer is on the horizon. I know I’ll be taking more time to enjoy the little things and smell the flowers, how about you?

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  1. Mozelle Goodwin says:

    Well said Carolyn. My biggest hope is that everyone will concentrate on the opportunities ahead if them and not try to recreate the past. As Aladdin & the Princess sang, it’s ‘A Whole New World.’