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Speaking & Training


Let me be your resource for meetings-related speaking & training. Contact me today to discuss how I can enhance your program or help train your in-house team with one of my sessions.


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The following programs are currently available and can be customized for your group (more topics to be added).

“RFP Spaghetti”

The RFP process used to be time-consuming and labor-intensive.  Then along came technology to make things simpler and easier.  Really?  Things might be simpler but are they streamlined and strategic or are planners now sending RFPs out to see what will stick?  This session will show can we get back to strategically targeting our RFPs while using some of the newer tools available.

“Why Ask Why?: Linking Objectives to Outcomes for Successful Results”

Helping your clients connect the meeting objectives (the why) with the logistics (what and the how) can result in a meeting that exceeds expectations and has measurable results.  Using ROI or ‘return on investment’ tools will enable you to set measurable objectives that will guide your planning and evaluation process and ensure that you are an integral part of the team.

“The CMP Demystified”

Are you interested in obtaining your Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation? Not sure if this is the right certification for you? Do you even know what it is and how it can help your career? This session will answer these questions and more. We’ll demystify the CMP and explain the certification process, what material is covered on the exam, how to prepare and what study options are out there.

“So You Want to Be a Meeting Planner (Meeting Planning 101)?”

Perhaps you have a different title and have been asked to take on responsibilities for planning meetings. Meeting planning is more than sending out invitations and choosing menus. Professional meeting planners ensure flawless meetings or events for their clients by spending many hours on the details beginning with defining objectives, and then budgeting, site selection, agenda planning, registration, rooming, transportation, menus, marketing, speaker selection, A/V, on-site implementation and post-meeting wrap up. This presentation will cover some of the basics of meeting planning, when you would consider outsourcing your program to a meeting planning firm, key “do’s & don’ts,” certification offered in the profession, and some resources in the industry.

“Certification Soup”

Acronyms are all around us in this industry.  We have acronyms for processes (BEO, RFP, CEU), for tools we use (RFID, LCD, HTML) and our certifications (CMP, CMM, CAE).  In this session, we’ll review some of the industry certifications – why they might help your career and which one(s) might be best for you.