Carolyn speaking at faciliting retreat FacilitatingI would like to personally recommend Carolyn Browning as an outstanding facilitator. She did a wonderful job of helping us think strategically about our chapter and how we could raise the bar for our members. Our road to success can be contributed to the perfect balance of structure, strategic thinking and vision that Carolyn brought to our Retreat.

— Malinda Harrell, CMP, CASE, 2014-2015 President, MPI Carolinas Chapter

How can I help your group?

What do facilitators do?

A facilitator can make or break an executive retreat. Here are the must-have qualifications for the person who will fill that critical role and help participants reach consensus, find their creativity, or whatever the session’s goals may be.

FacilitatingYour exceptional leadership and facilitation skills were instrumental in your ability to establish instant credibility and respect among the Board of Directors. Additionally, your expertise in holding everyone accountable to the tasks at hand and creating interaction fostered a stronger bond within the team. I have participated in numerous senior executive meetings where diversity, indifference and challenge is the climate going into the event and you clearly were able to pick apart, sort out and realign the board to work towards a common goal.

— Gerald F. Longo, CMP, 2011-2012, President, MPI WestField Chapter